High-Capacity 100ml Can Co-packer

100ml cans are the hottest packaging trend in the beverage alcohol RTD category. The compact 3.4 fluid ounce form factor and premium feel of a steel-walled, three-piece 100ml can is a perfect match for high-end, spirit-based Ready to Drink cocktails.

Our Capabilities

  • TTB-licensed and bonded distilled spirits producer
  • Experienced manufacturer, packaging world-class spirits-based RTDs since April 2019 
  • Direct fill or blend to specification
  • High-speed line for scaled production
  • Low-speed line for small / prototype / market test runs
  • Automated pack-out for 24 can trays
  • Additional secondary packaging options available
  • Refrigerated storage available
  • Finished product and input warehousing (30,000 square feet dedicated to 100ml format)

Contact Us

Are you an established brand looking for a high-capacity 100ml can co-packer? We operate the fastest production facility for 100ml cans in North America. Please submit an inquiry via the form below, and our team will get in touch as soon as possible.