Do Canned Cocktails Have Liquor?

mojito drink with lime lemon mint wood table

With hard seltzers, spritzers and canned cocktails all sharing shelf space, it’s no surprise people often wonder if canned cocktails have liquor. Is anything alcoholic considered liquor? Nope. Liquor is not fermented like beer, malt or wine; it’s distilled.  It may seem like splitting hairs, but there really is a difference between a proper canned […]

A Look at the Current Cocktail in a Can Market

expert barman is making cocktail night club

If you’ve been to a grocery, convenience or liquor store in the past few years, you likely noticed the beer selection has been matched by canned cocktails. Flavored hard seltzers have overtaken the aisle across all channels, and spirit-based canned cocktails are taking over whole aisles at liquor stores.  You may be surprised to find […]

The New Breed of Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

fruit mocktail

Beer may still be king for some, but visit any grocery or convenience store and you’ll discover there has been a shift—one that snuck up on many who believed craft beers were the only new kid on the block. Enter the hard seltzer.  As flavored seltzers spiked with alcohol, these lighter-than-beer, fruity beverages ramped up […]