Tiki Cocktails – The Ultimate Party Starter

refreshing cold tiki drink cocktail with pineapple mango mint cinnamon

There is nothing more emblematic of summertime than tiki cocktails. This light and festive class of drinks serves as the perfect accompaniment to warm summer days spent lounging by the poolside, followed by starlit nights surrounded by food, friends, and fun while you sip a tropical cocktail.  Unsure of what a tiki cocktail actually entails, […]

The Espresso Martini: A Cocktail With a Story

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Coffee has firmly entrenched itself as the drink of choice, with 75% of Americans drinking a daily cup of coffee—or for 49% of people, three to five cups a day. For some, coffee is primarily a morning beverage: a jolt of energy to get the day started. But for many coffee lovers, there’s room for […]

What’s So Great About Canned Craft Cocktails?

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Cocktails have long been a symbol of celebration and refinement, but the way we’re enjoying them is changing. Traditionally, crafting a well-blended cocktail required a skilled bartender who understood the art of mixology. An experienced mixologist crafted the drink from various ingredients, and the best drinks sometimes took several steps and considerable time to prepare.  […]

Why Canned Cocktails Are Taking Over the RTD Alcoholic Beverage Industry

homemade margarita drink with lime palm leaf table against yellow curtain

The summer party season is fast approaching. Most Americans fire up the grill and cool down in their backyards. They’ll serve a delicious meal to friends, often alongside a tasty alcoholic beverage. Instead of playing bartender, many Americans are now serving high-quality canned cocktails, effortlessly poured over a glass of ice, to elevate their backyard […]

Canned Margaritas: How to Get Both Convenience and Quality

mojito cocktail making mint lime lemon ice ingredients bar utensils

What makes the margarita such an enduringly popular drink? It might be that signature mix of sweet, sour, and salty flavors. Or it could be because the drink is so customizable. You can have it frozen or on the rocks, with a salted or sugared rim, and in your choice of delicious and exotic flavors. […]

Canned Cosmopolitans: The Perfect Cocktail for Girls’ Night In

attractive friends drinking cocktails together

The Cosmopolitan is an enduringly popular cocktail with a mysterious origin. Some origin stories give credit to a bartender in Minneapolis, who claims to have made the Cosmopolitan in 1975. Other versions give credit to a Manhattan bartender in 1988. Whatever the origins, the drink lived in relative obscurity until it became the favorite drink […]

The Coffee and Cocktail Lovers’ Dream: Espresso Martini in a Can

martini espresso cocktail glass black background

An espresso martini is a luxurious blend of coffee and alcohol, perfectly crafted to satisfy a drinker’s desire for a cocktail pick-me-up. Of course, if you don’t find yourself in a club or restaurant with a full bar when the craving for an espresso martini strikes, you have a long wait and the tedious task […]