6 Reasons Why You Need to Celebrate the New Year with Canned Cocktails

Another hectic holiday season is upon us. From Christmas to New Year’s Eve, everyone has their own personal conception of what holiday celebrations are supposed to look like. Some people enjoy parties and get-togethers, while others enjoy peaceful solitude by the fire. No matter your preference, there’s no better way to honor the season and your loved ones, regardless of your chosen modus operandi, than through good food and drink.

There are myriad reasons why you, your friends, and your loved ones should ring in the new year with the highest quality, pre-mixed cocktails in a can. Here we’ll explore the top six reasons.  But first, let’s set the stage with some talk of holiday festivities!

The Intrinsic Value of the Holidays

When people talk about “the holidays,” they may have a specific day or days in mind. For most modern-day Americans, though, the holidays begin immediately after Halloween and last all the way until New Year’s Day. November and December hold a virtual cavalcade of special days and events that are widely celebrated across society. Aside from major, tent pole occasions such as Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, the season and its many celebrations are much more nuanced. 

That said, the holidays are a time for renewal. For many families, it is their yearly opportunity for the entire family to get together with one another, enjoy each other’s company, and make some great memories. That’s why holiday festivities take on a more meaningful and poignant significance than some other celebrations throughout the year. 

What makes the holidays –and Christmas in particular– such a truly unique occasion amongst the hundreds of other American celebrations? Christmas itself is almost universally celebrated by Americans from all walks of life, despite being a religious holiday by definition. According to Statista, 85% of all consumers surveyed choose to celebrate Christmas in one form or another, and that statistic is free from all additional qualifiers, such as religious beliefs. With that said, let’s turn our attention toward making the most out of this holiday season.   

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Relax and Enjoy the Moments

We can likely agree that the holiday season is a time of celebration and togetherness, but there’s a downside to the fun: the Christmas rush. Every memorable holiday experience starts with planning, which in turn requires human capital to achieve.

The work involved makes for a hectic month, especially if planning the office parties and family get-togethers fall on your shoulders. If you’re the party planner, or if you have numerous family members from different family groups and geographical locations to schedule into your Christmas plans, the Christmas season can be extremely stressful. It can be hard to find a minute to yourself once December hits. But with so many things to see and do, even the busiest person needs to steal a moment back to relax and enjoy some moments of celebratory joy. That’s where cocktails in a can come into play. 

We’re not here to tell you about the hundreds of different ways that you can destress this holiday season, but we can help you slow things down and truly enjoy the season as it leads up to a new year. After all, everyone deserves to celebrate the year’s end as they reflect on the closing of another chapter and the beginning of something new. So why are canned cocktails the perfect complement to your New Year’s Eve festivities? We’re glad you asked.   

Celebrating the New Year With Canned Cocktails

Whether you are a social butterfly who loves a good New Year’s Eve party, a homebody who’d rather go to sleep early, or the type to be curled up by the fire when the ball drops, trying something new and exciting this holiday season could be right up your alley. Canned cocktail products are the perfect way to close out the 2022 holiday season for some notably persuasive reasons.

1. They provide bar-quality drinks in the convenience of your own home.

There’s nothing quite like a fancy, seasonal cocktail hand-crafted by a professional mixologist. But to get that drink, you have to venture from your home and head to your local bar. Then you have to wade through the crowd until you’re close enough to grab a bartender’s attention. With friends, family, and loved ones returning home for the holidays, bars will be packed to the rafters, especially on New Year’s Eve itself. 

If you’re thinking about making this trek for your favorite cocktail, remember that the closer it gets to Christmas and the New Year, the busier the bars will be. There’s got to be an easier way to get the high-quality taste you want without the hassle. 

Canned, pre-mixed drinks help you cut to the chase. No more traveling through wintery weather conditions to find your drink of choice. Cocktails in a can are the not-so-secret escape from high-stress holiday outings. As an added bonus, some of the more well-known vendors let you order their cocktail products online. Taking these things into consideration, there’s a good chance you may want to skip the bar and go with the best brands in canned cocktails instead.  

2. They provide a cost-efficient alternative to bar cocktails. 

Everyone wants to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style. If your plans include cocktails at the bar, however, your celebration can get pretty expensive. In a year marked by economic hardship from coast to coast, pinching every penny matters.

Cocktails in a can help you celebrate the new year even if you’re on a restricted budget. They’re cheaper than their cousins at the bar. In fact, some of the highest-quality canned cocktails ring in at less than $5 per can, on average, allowing you to enjoy the taste of a signature drink without breaking the bank (or your wallet) this holiday season. 

3. They’re flexible and perfect for a variety of New Year’s Eve plans.

Instead of bringing table wine or a six-pack of domestic beer to your New Year’s Eve party, try bringing a pack of canned cocktails instead.  Today’s canned cocktails come in a variety of flavors, and the right brand offers high-quality drinks that are sure to impress and become the topic of conversation at the party. 

Of course, while the holidays are the ultimate time for parties and celebrations, that doesn’t mean that the festivities have to be wild. Instead of venturing out this New Year, many are choosing to stay in and throw their own party, complete with pre-made, bar-quality cocktails at the ready. This gives both you and your guests the flavors you crave while keeping you out of the bar, so you can enjoy your celebrations in a whole new atmosphere. 

Whether you’re going out, staying in, or something in between, settle in for a quiet evening by the fire or start planning that custom house party without sacrificing access to the best celebratory beverages.

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4. They let you focus on your guests, not the drink mixing.

If you do decide to host your own party, you want your attention to be on the guests, not party logistics. You can play it safe with the perpetual holy trinity of wine, liquor, and light beer, or you can upscale your party to include pre-mixed cocktails with 100% real ingredients and flavors melded to perfection by just the right proportions. Stock up, and suddenly you don’t have to sacrifice your engagement in the party by playing the role of bartender and mixologist yourself.

5. They bring the party to you.

By far, one of the most compelling reasons to select a canned cocktail product rather than a beer or hard seltzer-based alternative is the quality combined with portability aspect involved. As far as holidays go, New Year’s Eve is pivotal. It is a chance for resolutions and new beginnings, so people put enhanced emphasis on how they celebrate the season’s end. 

The venue, setting, and company you keep are the elements that make the memories happen when ringing in the new year. Sometimes, however, these elements don’t come with the amenities that you need.  If you crave the sophistication of high-end cocktails but a novel location in which to celebrate, canned cocktails can help you take the celebration wherever you go. 

6. They help you unwind and enjoy the holiday season.

The holidays can be an amazing, joy-filled, hectic, and crazy season. With parties to plan or attend, presents to wrap, cards to send, and cookies to bake, if you don’t stop to take a break you might just miss the whole thing. Taking the moments to relax, unwind, and enjoy the season is worth its weight in gold as we approach New Year’s Eve. 

This New Year, Shake It up with Canned Cocktails

Instead of vying for a seat at a bar to pay top dollar for a cocktail or worrying about what to serve guests, searching for specific ingredients and purchasing multiple high-end liquors, look to canned cocktails to take care of it all in one sleek package. Get the right one and you have a perfectly proportioned, 100% real-ingredient cocktail with zero artificial ingredients and no compromises. If you’re ready to upscale your next holiday get-together, Post Meridiem can help. Find us online and check out our full range of cocktail products.