8 Refreshing Canned Cocktails to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style

It’s time to celebrate the moms in our lives! Whether you want to honor your mom, a mom-to-be, or someone who loves mothering those around them, this is the day to say thank you for all that they do. Moms everywhere deserve to be celebrated and spoiled, and there is no better way to do that than with delicious dishes and premium bar-quality cocktails.

And while you might want to treat Mom to her favorite cocktail, you may not want to spend the day at the local bar. Instead, you can treat that special lady to a perfectly crafted cocktail in a can. Canned cocktails have come a long way in the last few years, with the best brands offering bar-quality ingredients and flavors in a convenient, portable package. 

So skip the hassle of buying everything at the store or fighting the crowds at your favorite brunch spot, and spend more time with Mom. Pick up your favorite small-batch canned cocktails and get ready. We’ve created eight great food and drink pairings to help you make this Mother’s Day one to remember. 

For the No-Nonsense Moms

Know a mom who could see through a lie before you’d even finished telling it? One who was all business, but loved you fiercely nonetheless? She excelled at helping you with homework, was always in the know, and was the first to field questions from the other moms about the school calendar. 

Tell mom to sit back, relax and enjoy her Mother’s Day with an equally no-nonsense and expertly blended Old Fashioned. This classic cocktail never goes out of style, even though it’s over 130 years old. It’s a simple yet sublime combination of Rye Bourbon, bitters, and a dash of orange. The drink is considered one of the oldest cocktails, with its timeless blend of spirit, bitters, sugar, and water still delighting cocktail enthusiasts today.

The Old Fashioned can hold its own with big flavors, so you can enjoy one with some hearty dishes. Our favorite pairing is an Old Fashioned served ice cold to accompany some thick-cut pork chops. Make those chops honey-glazed for added sweetness, and throw in some chunky sweet potato fries for a meal mom will love. 

For the Fun-Loving Moms

If you had the “fun mom”, life was never boring at your place. Your house was the one all the kids wanted to hang out at after school, and your mom was everyone’s favorite. She always made you laugh, took you on fabulous adventures, and is still your favorite person to talk to today.

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These joyful moms will certainly appreciate a refreshing margarita. Margaritas are the ultimate party cocktail, mixing the sweet and bitter flavors of tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur with a kick from a salted rim. Just wet the rim of a glass and dip it into a plate of salt to create an authentic drink. If mom wants something a little sweeter, you can mix in a little sugar on the rim or even go all sugar. It’s her day, after all! 

There is no better match for margaritas than chips and salsa. The combination of the crisp, refreshing cocktail and crunchy chips will activate her joie de vivre. Set out a bowl of warm, thin and crispy tortilla chips and make sure her favorite salsa is on hand. 

For the On-the-Go Moms

This is the mom who did it all. She worked, volunteered, had a thriving social life, and still had time in her schedule for you. She did it all and made it seem effortless. As an adult, you now understand how hard she’s been working all these years, and you want her to know how much you appreciate everything she did. 

Celebrate your go-getting mom with a rich espresso martini. This is the boozy cousin to her favorite morning latte, made with cold brew coffee, vodka, and coffee liqueur. This delicious drink is a natural pairing for dessert options, such as a decadent chocolate mousse or a generous slice of cake. You can even incorporate the espresso martini into your dish—try pouring it over ice cream in a new twist on the classic Italian affogato for an uplifting Mother’s Day treat.

For the Party Moms 

The party moms had packed social calendars. They are the ones that helped organize your school bake sale, chaperoned at prom, and invited your friends’ parents over for weekend BBQs. They are the kind of moms who can turn any gathering into a memorable event and always have party supplies ready.

Now it’s your turn to host! Treat your party-loving mom to a delicious Mai Tai. This fruity tropical drink made from rum, lime juice, orange curacao, almond orgeat and mint, is ideal for sipping at a garden party or while waiting for the BBQ to do its magic. The Mai Tai recipe dates back to 1944 when it burst onto the cocktail scene in California and became an instant hit in bars across the nation. 

Serve your mom a Mai Tai and a poke bowl, a classic Hawaiian dish. The poke bowl is a bit like a deconstructed sushi roll, made with rice, your choice of fish, and fresh vegetables, topped with a flavorful sauce like wasabi mayo. The bright, fresh flavors of the poke bowl pair perfectly with the Mai Tai’s sweet blend of rum and fruit flavors. 

For the Social Moms 

Social moms had a rock-solid girl gang. They were always planning a get-together or talking on the phone, and you considered those girl gang members your honorary aunts. These women love each other (and you!) fiercely, so celebrate all of them today by serving a classic favorite: a well-balanced Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan, or Cosmo, is a sophisticated drink that’s perpetually trendy. It’s a zesty blend of vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice, and orange liqueur, that is an effortless tipple for a day of socializing. 

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It’s also the perfect cocktail to enjoy with a charcuterie board. Create your own board with irresistible cheeses, cured meats, crackers, pickles, and grapes. The best thing about a charcuterie board is that it’s perfect for casual entertaining—mom and her pals can graze on it all afternoon while they catch up. 

For the Best-Friend Moms

She sure is a wonderful mom, but she’s also your best friend. She’s the person you call with good and bad news, and you trust her advice on everything. You see each other more than just about anyone else, which suits you both perfectly. 

If you have a best-friend mom, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to bond over a classic ready-to-drink Daquiri. These sweet cocktails blend rum, cherry liqueur, lime juice, and simple syrup. They are delicious over ice and just as good blended. Their tropical vibes call out for fresh fruit garnishes, so add a slice of orange or pineapple skewer to take this drink to the next level. 

While sipping your daiquiri, enjoy another island favorite: the fish taco. Grilled white fish, fresh pineapple salsa, and toasted soft corn taco shells are all you need to create a delicious meal that goes perfectly with your afternoon cocktails. 

For the Classy Moms

You know the classy mom when you see her. She’s the one that’s always impeccably dressed, has perfect manners, and has more charm in her little finger than most people do in their whole body. Everyone loves her style, and all your friends wanted to be her when they grew up. 

There is no better drink for a classy mom than that well-loved classic, the refreshing vodka gimlet. It started out as the drink of choice for British Naval officers who needed a more palatable way to consume citrus juice to fight off scurvy. The combination of vodka, lime juice, and cane sugar syrup was an instant hit and the drink soon became popular in landside cocktails bars. It’s now the classy mom’s favorite, and she’ll love our version with the sophisticated addition of lemongrass oil. 

The bright flavors of the vodka gimlet are perfectly matched with a delicious fresh salad. We love pairing it with a Caprese salad, using thick slices of juicy tomato, soft mozzarella, and fresh basil. It’s a refreshing meal that captures all the brightness of spring, so it’s ideal to enjoy with mom on a patio in the sunshine. 

For the Chill Moms

The chill mom makes being comfy a lifestyle. She has the best loungewear, the softest blankets, and she’s always up for a Netflix marathon. She loves a beach vacation, won’t say no to a nap, and instilled in you a strong belief in self-care. 

Celebrate those chill mom vibes with a relaxing and authentic Southside cocktail. The Southside is a drink made for sipping on a sunny back porch. It’s a blend of gin, lime juice, and mint, sweetened with simple syrup. It’s light and refreshing, perfect just poured over ice and without any muss or fuss. 

This laid-back drink goes well with an equally mellow food pairing. We love serving the Southside with finger sandwiches and making the most relaxed spring picnic feast possible. Make cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, slice off the crusts, and cut them into easy-to-grab rectangles. Cap off the picnic with another Southside and a slice of lemon cake to complete the feast. 

Celebrate Every Mom This Mother’s Day With Time-Saving Cocktail Cans

If there is one thing every mom values most, it’s time. They want time to relax, time with their loved ones, and time to soak up the love this Mother’s Day. Save time by purchasing Post Meridiem’s incredible selection of premium canned cocktails. Our canned cocktails offer delightful flavors with authentic, bar-quality ingredients and zero compromise—in the convenience of a perfectly proportioned can. 

Celebrating Mom doesn’t have to mean spending all day mixing drinks—grab her favorite tipple, pop the top, and pour over ice. You’ll have more time with Mom, and she’ll enjoy the classic craft cocktail taste she loves. Purchase your Post Meridiem cocktail selection online, or find them in a liquor store near you