What does it take to develop a world-class ready-to-drink cocktail brand? Post Meridiem founders, Andrew Rodbell and Charles Sain, share their thoughts on the ready-to-drink cocktail boom, the alcoholic beverage industry, and the realities of building a drinks brand. 

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A Look at the Current Cocktail in a Can Market

If you’ve been to a grocery, convenience or liquor store in the past few years, you likely noticed the beer selection has been matched by
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The New Breed of Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Beer may still be king for some, but visit any grocery or convenience store and you’ll discover there has been a shift—one that snuck up
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Are Ready-to-Drink Cocktails Okay to Serve at a Party?

A party is always a great idea at the start. What’s not to love about having a list of your favorite people to come to
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Why Is the Espresso Martini Popular Again?

Espresso Martinis Are a Blast from the Past Visited any bars or restaurants lately and you may notice a cocktail keeps showing up: the espresso
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How to Find the Best Canned Cocktails

You’ve likely noticed there is a beverage trend that seemed to have appeared overnight. While America’s love for something different has, in fact, been brewing
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8 Classic Cocktail Recipes You Can Buy Premade

What Goes Into a Bar? (No, this isn’t the start of a bad joke) There’s just something about a well-stocked bar. Not everyone has a
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What Makes the Best Canned Cocktails?

The White-Hot Canned Cocktail Market  Canned cocktails are everywhere—from grocery and convenience store fridges to liquor stores, restaurants and bars. The ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail market
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Espresso Award

Post Meridiem Espresso Martini awarded Best Of Class award at SFWSC

New Canned Cocktail Wins in Ready-To-Drink Classic Cocktail Category, Over 110 Entrants Atlanta, GA – Post Meridiem Spirit Co., a brand founded on the principles of
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