What does it take to develop a world-class ready-to-drink cocktail brand? Post Meridiem founders, Andrew Rodbell and Charles Sain, share their thoughts on the ready-to-drink cocktail boom, the alcoholic beverage industry, and the realities of building a drinks brand. 

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How Long Do Ready-to-Drink Cocktails Last?

What do your tastes say about you? Beer is a jack of all trades that is loved across all occasions, from backyard barbecues to sporting ...
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6 Reasons Why You Need to Celebrate the New Year with Canned Cocktails

Another hectic holiday season is upon us. From Christmas to New Year’s Eve, everyone has their own personal conception of what holiday celebrations are supposed ...
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The Four Most Festive Mixed Drinks in a Can You’ll Want to Try This Season

The holidays are synonymous with celebration. From cookies, sweets, and other decadent foods, to hand-crafted drinks by the fire, consumption is the quintessence of holiday ...
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Craft Cocktails in a Can: Yes, There Are Some Great Ones

What comes to mind when you hear the word “cocktail?” A smoke-filled bar on Manhattan’s upper east side? A lavish hotel serving hand-crafted margaritas on ...
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What’s a Vodka Gimlet Made Of?

In his famous 1953 Novel “The Long Goodbye,” author Raymond Chandler wrote the following passage regarding the gimlet: “We sat in a corner of the ...
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How Much Caffeine Is in an Espresso Martini?

You may have noticed lately that there’s a “new” cocktail on the scene—the espresso martini. And while it may be novel to you, it’s by ...
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The Espresso Martini: A Comeback Story

It’s the mid-90s. You walk into your favorite late-night venue and crave something more than a beer or a basic cocktail. You and your friends ...
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Do Canned Cocktails Have Liquor?

With hard seltzers, spritzers and canned cocktails all sharing shelf space, it’s no surprise people often wonder if canned cocktails have liquor. Is anything alcoholic ...
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A Look at the Current Cocktail in a Can Market

If you’ve been to a grocery, convenience or liquor store in the past few years, you likely noticed the beer selection has been matched by ...
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The New Breed of Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Beer may still be king for some, but visit any grocery or convenience store and you’ll discover there has been a shift—one that snuck up ...
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Are Ready-to-Drink Cocktails Okay to Serve at a Party?

A party is always a great idea at the start. What’s not to love about having a list of your favorite people to come to ...
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Why Is the Espresso Martini Popular Again?

Espresso Martinis Are a Blast from the Past Visited any bars or restaurants lately and you may notice a cocktail keeps showing up: the espresso ...
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