The Four Most Festive Mixed Drinks in a Can You’ll Want to Try This Season

The holidays are synonymous with celebration. From cookies, sweets, and other decadent foods, to hand-crafted drinks by the fire, consumption is the quintessence of holiday festivities. Nothing says “Christmas time” quite like a mug of steaming-hot cocoa or even a glass of eggnog (complete with a nip of whiskey, of course). But here’s a holiday delicacy you may not have thought of: mixed drinks in a can. 

Times have changed, and so has the consumer packaged goods (CPG) landscape. Where the Christmas season was once dominated by whiskies, wines, and ports, consumer tastes have expanded. Today we intend to tease your taste buds with this list of delectable canned cocktails perfectly suited to the wintry holiday season. 

We’ll discuss the rise of the canned cocktail and how it has become a holiday staple that brings the quality taste of the bar experience into the comfort of your own home. Not here for a history lesson? Scan down the page and discover your new favorite drink just in time for your next holiday gathering! 

Mixed Drinks in a Can: Simplifying the Holidays 

Let’s do a quick mental exercise. Think about the holiday season. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Family get togethers? Presents? Lights and decorations?

In our humble experience, there are two competing conceptions of Christmas:

  • Joy, cheer, and festivity
  • The infinite and stressful amount of work that providing joy, cheer, and festivity requires

As much as we adore them, the holidays are just as synonymous with stress and the break-neck pacing that family get-togethers demand as they are with friends, family, and togetherness in general. 

You’ve heard the old adage, “Work hard, play hard,” but that doesn’t mean neglecting the mental health of those in charge of making the magic happen. Any little comfort or sense of reprieve amid the hectic holidays is a welcome sight. Fortunately, mixed drinks in a can are just the ticket to help attenuate your holiday stress levels – or, if you’re avoiding the stress – a great way to simply enjoy the moment. 

Canned, ready-to-drink cocktails are especially ideal if you are planning a party or family get-together but just don’t have the time or emotional wherewithal to mix the drinks yourself. If you choose the right brand, you can save time while simultaneously mixing it up, so to speak,  by introducing a sense of novelty to your holiday planning with 100% real ingredients and premium bar quality liquors in a perfectly proportioned, trendy little can. Instead of offering the same old canned beer and table wines, you can inject some extra excitement into your gathering without any extra work. 

Canned cocktails are an ideal fit for the busy holiday season, but why now? How have mixed drinks in a can come into the spotlight? In the next section, we’ll take a look at look at the meteoric rise in canned cocktail consumption and why its popularity is a perfectly timed Christmas gift. 

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: How Mixed Drinks in a Can Came into Their Own

Mixed drinks in a can are a relatively recent addition to the world of consumer packaged goods. They first came to prominence sometime around 2016 as an alternative to hard seltzers, beers, and the traditional bar experience. Since then, sales of RTD cocktails have risen by a staggering 226%. The result? An emergent $9.6 billion dollar industry. What’s driving these radical year-over-year increases?

Mixed drinks in a can just scratch a certain itch that other canned and bottled products don’t. High-quality products deliver the sophisticated taste of a bar-made cocktail in the comfort and convenience of your own home. They also feature a complexity of both taste and flavor that’s often missing from rival CPG beverage classes. It may sound simple, but selling points like these have spurred drinkers –both young and old– into trying new flavor combinations.

The adventurous spirit with which consumers have embraced cocktails in a can fits perfectly with the celebratory nature of the holidays. In fact, the holidays often coincide with consumers trying products that they’ve never tried before. And according to Supermarket News, 16 % of all consumers will purchase more expensive products than normal solely for the holidays, with 34% planning on buying more expensive cuts of meat, for example. 

It’s a time to celebrate the season with variety, and mixed drinks in a can are a perfect addition, while being less expensive than the bar versions you might be used to paying for (so go ahead, buy that fancy roast beef). Armed with valuable customer data like this, let’s explore how mixed drinks in a can fit into your holiday festivities.

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Four Festive Mixed Drinks in a Can That Are Perfect for the Holiday Season

For bartenders and professional mixologists the world over, the holidays are a blank canvas where they have absolute freedom to exercise their creativity. From tried-and-true favorites to signature combinations, no two bartenders are alike in terms of Christmas offerings. 

You’ll often find concoctions that utilize novel ingredients such as eggnog, mint liqueurs, ginger, apple cider, and even cranberries. Common liquors include cognacs, brandies, rums, and whiskies. There’s no one correct way to go about making the perfect holiday cocktail. 

Don’t forget about the dyed-in-the-wool classics like the Old Fashioned or the cosmo. While many canned cocktails can be sipped year-round, some are especially suited to the season. Here are our four favorite mixed drinks in a can, perfect for your holiday celebrations. 

The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is an iconic drink. A good cosmopolitan conjures images of a dark but inviting bar somewhere in midtown Manhattan. And while the cosmo definitely has a certain vibe about it, this particular cocktail is ideally suited to the cold holiday season as well by virtue of its ingredients and its overall prestige. 

High-quality canned cosmos generally include ingredients such as:

  • 100% real lime juice
  • 100% real cranberry juice 
  • Orange Curacao
  • Vodka

The cranberry and orange flavors fit well with the overall tastes and smells of the season, complementing the cinnamon and sugar in many common Christmas-time delicacies. Notice a quality canned cosmo doesn’t have any “natural” flavorings or fillers, like carbonated water. Looking for something with a vibrant, citrine taste? Make the cosmopolitan one of your go-to holiday drinks.     

The Espresso Martini

The weather outside may be frightful, but we’re here to tell you that the fire inside truly is delightful. Whether you choose to warm yourself by the proverbial fire or take a cup of holiday cheer instead, there’s a mixed cocktail in a can waiting with your name on it. Enter the delectable espresso martini

This simple martini blend includes a combination of:

  • Coffee liqueur
  • Cold-brewed Arabica coffee
  • Vodka

Instead of settling in for the evening with a warm cup of hot cocoa, let the liquor in the espresso martini warm you from the inside out. The homey comfort found in a single, 100 ml can is the perfect complement to almost any holiday activity. 

The Old Fashioned 

The great thing about the classics is that they never go out of style. We’re not talking about mistletoe and holly, though. We’re talking about the Old Fashioned, a tried-and-true cocktail that’s a favorite among both mixologists and connoisseurs the world over.  

The Old Fashioned creates an aura of sophistication, elegance, and class wherever it is served. This particular cocktail includes:

  • Straight bourbon
  • Blended bitters 
  • Zested orange oil
  • Demerara syrup

The secret to the Old Fashioned’s signature taste is the interplay between the bitter liqueurs and the unique, toasted sweetness of the demerara sugar. Together, they form a cocktail with a rich profile that fits perfectly into any holiday get-together. Its complexity complements most holiday cuisines, from the Christmas ham to the fruitcake, but its bold and flavourful ingredients are strong enough to stand on their own. 

The Daiquiri

The holidays are busy enough without having to worry about the perfect cocktail menu to pair with your hors d’oeuvres, entrees, and after-dinner delicacies. Sometimes you need a simple, timeless taste to carry the evening. Don’t worry; the classic daiquiri has got you covered. 

The daiquiri is one of those tastes that transcend both season and occasion. Whether you’re out for a night on the town or at a beachside cabana bar, you’ll feel perfectly at home with a daiquiri in hand. The best mixed drink in a can daiquiri leaves out any artificial preservatives or ingredients but includes:

  • A mix of various rums
  • Italian maraschino liqueur
  • 100% real lime juice
  • Pure sugar cane syrup   

The tart taste of lime combines together with the sour taste of cherries to create a spicy cocktail worthy of your next Christmas gathering. No matter the context, the daiquiri provides the perfect canvas to record some new holiday memories.   

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An Endless Array of Festive Cocktail Choices

The holiday season is a time for mirth and celebration. From reuniting with old friends and family members to celebrating the year’s end with new friends, good food and drinks underscore the entire season. When it comes to drink choices, there’s no right way to do it. There’s an endless array of signature holiday drinks out there, but sometimes the hectic nature of the holidays means finding ways to simplify your celebration without compromising on your options.

The current generation of mixed drinks in a can offers high-quality classics that are perfectly suited to any holiday gathering. Why not pick up a pack today? Visit Post Meridiem online to find your favorite mix or check for a licensed liquor retailer near you.